Tandoor: Charcoal fired clay oven
The most iconic cooking equipment of Indian cuisine. Now at your event! The inside is made of a conical shaped clay wall which is heated by the charcoal at the bottom. The tandoor is very hot at 300 to 400 degrees!

The naan bread is slapped to the wall. It’s ready in minutes, nice & fresh for you. The charcoal and clay liner provides it unique taste.

Chicken Tandoeri is skewered on long skewers and placed vertically in the tandoor. Because of the 360 degrees heat distribution the chicken cookes very fast and stay very moist! Moist & tender chicken, just the way we like it!

Tava: Indian style frying pan
The tava is a happy marriage between the wok & the frying pan. It comes in all sizes.

Used to cook a wide variety of flat breads ranging from chapati’s to the multi layered lacha paratha. mmmmmmmm!

Also the best Indian streetfood is cooked on the tava. From the classic Aloo tikka to the mashed curry Pav Bahji. The possibilities are endless. What do you choose?

It can be uses both inside and outside, so very versatile, very special!